The new identity of Piersanti

2016 marked our fifth decade, 2017 is a pivotal year a new stage in the development of the company which is structured meet your expectations and review its visual identity at the same time.

Indeed Piersanti has existed for 50 years, and, in order to evolve the company according to its development, it became imperative to have a proper name for each entity in order to structure of all activities.

The name of a company being a reflection of its strategic approach, its principles and its operating techniques, the holding company remains Piersanti under the name “Groupe Piersanti”

The building activity becomes “PIERsoBAT” and the property management business “PIERsoGEST”. Our activities continue, like the state of mind of the company. We ourselves are simply and naturally structured in a formal way in order to be in phase with our operation.

Our daily lives will not be impacted since we remain ourselves, with our values.

Innovation, quality and trust remain, our graphic identity reflects it as you can find out.