PIERsoBAT featured in “Maurice Sauzet, Poétique de l’architecture”

Maurice Sauzet, Poétique de l’architecture (Maurice Sauzet, A Poetic Architecture) is the latest book by renowned architect Maurice Sauzet. It explores Sauzet’s notion of natural architecture as it was inspired by Japanese traditions and how he applies this philosophy to the houses he designs. This is a great opportunity to get a better understanding of one of Piersanti Construction’s favorite partners!

Maurice Sauzet is an architect of space and form, light and shadow, horizontality and verticality. A graduate of the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, he followed his wife, a designer, to Japan in the 1950s. There, he began collaborating with an architecture firm run by Junzo Sakakura, a student of Le Corbusier and a colleague of Charlotte Perriand who visited Japan at his invitation in 1940. Sauzet worked in Osaka from 1959 to 1961 and this Japanese experience deeply influenced his vision of architecture. Most notably, he discovered the power of Zen Buddhist architecture and its capacity to evoke emotions and create a living environment in harmony with nature.

This monograph by Maurice Sauzet is richly illustrated with photographs and architectural blueprints. It provides a detailed explanation of the underlying philosophy behind the architecture by examining a series of Sauzet’s designs for homes, most of which are located in the south of France.

During a series of interviews with Chris Younès, a philosopher and professor of architecture, Sauzet reveals the principles he adopted from Japan and how he adapted them for Provence. There are more than 200 individual houses cited in the book, a moment of true pride for the owners of the homes.

A disciple of natural architecture, Maurice Sauzet designs open plan buildings that, through a movement from interior to exterior, seek to achieve a state of osmosis with their environment. Over his long career, he developed a theory of light and space that embraces fundamental architectural elements such as stone, wood, or traditional clay roof tiling. This sense of movement from the inside to the outside, the use of local materials, and the sensations of space and form are the fundamental principles of natural architecture in its search for a purity of design and a harmonious living space.

With an innovative sense of the emotional possibility of design, Sauzet is truly defined by his poetic vision of architecture.


The Villas Designed by Maurice Sauzet and Constructed by Piersanti:

Villa Bord de Mer architecte Maurice Sauzet et constructeut Piersanti
Villa Bord de Mer: A contemporary villa built in collaboration with Maurice Sauzet that applies his preferred concept of “inside/outside” design. Click here to see more photos.
Villa Cotiere par Maurice Sauzet et Piersanti
– Villa Côtière: This sloping terrain with stunning vistas of the sea is an unequalled living environment. The design of the home invites nature inside the structure through the use of interior patios and balconies. These balconies pass alongside verdant treetops to provide a sense of suspension between sky, sea, and forest. Click here to see more photos.
Villa Paysage Construction 1996 – Carqueiranne
Villa Paysage: This villa is designed under the guidelines of Maurice Sauzet’s natural architecture philosophy to fuse elegantly into the environment. The complex construction of this house required Piersanti Construction’s renowned technical savoir-faire. Click here to see more photos.