From 1966 to 2016, the Groupe Piersanti has been led by two successive generations of the Piersanti family and over these fifty years the company has forged a leading reputation for its development and construction of quality building projects. And this is only the beginning! Soon, a third generation of the Piersanti family will step forward to usher the company into the future.

A look back at the story of a family company.

Italo Piersanti, a stonemason and craftsman, founded the company in Le Lavandou on the Côte d’Azur in 1966 to build traditional villas. Although the company started with only two employees, it quickly developed a reputation for quality work and began to grow. By the 1970s, the company had ten employees and Italo undertook the construction of the company’s first apartment buildings including the Belvédère in the hills above Le Lavandou.

As a result of the company’s leading reputation, its investments in new equipment, and the expanding market for holiday homes that emerged in the 1980s, Groupe Piersanti continued to grow. It now has more than forty employees and has developed major real estate projects such as the Soleil des Iles in Bormes-les-Mimosas and the Hubac Bleu in Le Lavandou. This growth prompted the company to leave its old headquarters in Le Lavandou for new offices in the Pérussier industrial zone in Bormes. In a show of commitment to their company, Italo and his employees devoted three months to building their new headquarters.

Yet it wasn’t an easy road. The company had to endure the socio-economic upheavals of that era: the student revolution of May 1968, the Oil Crisis of 1973 and 1974, the recession in 1981… It was a series of challenges that Italo overcame through hard work and willpower. His main weapon: the ability to adapt and innovate while never wavering from his commitment to providing the highest quality of construction. His work inspired such loyalty that clients continued to contract new buildings even during the most difficult financial periods, a show of support that heartened Italo and testified to the caliber of the company’s work.

Italo’s son Fabien Piersanti became the director of the company in 1999. He devoted himself to continuing the Groupe Piersanti’s tradition of quality and of honoring the company’s reputation while also ensuring his father’s creation will thrive in the future. With a real estate crisis striking the industry in the 1990s, Fabien faced immediate challenges and quickly established his talents as a manager and a leader.

Under his father’s guidance, Fabien worked to fulfill the company’s legacy of providing quality buildings that met the highest modern standards. Blessed with the same natural passion for building, he worked closely with the Groupe Piersanti team, its partners, and select architects to ensure the company remained an industry leader. This period saw increased investment in the company and the development of new activities such as civil engineering and more technically complex architectural projects such as buildings that required extensive retaining structures and creatively imagined swimming pools in unorthodox locations. As a result of these efforts, the Groupe Piersanti continued to develop quickly and Fabien became known for his vision of the market and his ability to adapt to change.

With the objective of meeting all the real estate needs of the company’s clients, in 2008 Fabrice opened a subsidiary named L’Agence du Sud that would act as a real estate broker and work with other branches of the Groupe Piersanti.

The Groupe Piersanti also began to forge partnerships with the best local artisans and subcontractors to make certain all work met the company’s high aesthetic and structural standards. There was also a new focus on the environment with an emphasis on creating buildings that were in harmony with nature by working with local landscape designers. As part of this new environmentally friendly approach, the company began designing energy-efficient buildings that featured the latest energy-saving technologies. The company’s respect for nature partly stems from Fabien Piersanti’s deep attachment to his village and his region: “When living in such an idyllic area, it is in our interest to preserve its beauty and nature,” says Fabrice. “It is up to us to do the utmost to ensure that one day our children don’t reproach us for what we have built here.”

The Groupe Piersanti’s leading environmental practices are recognized by the professional community and public authorities at both the local and national level. Meanwhile, the company’s ability to combine beauty, efficiency, and quality construction has received praise from industry magazines and websites.

With the continued expansion of the company, the Groupe Piersanti began renovations of its headquarters in order to better welcome clients and provide improved working conditions for its growing number of employees and partners. During this time, the company’s vehicle fleet was also modernized and there was the acquisition of new heavy equipment such as telescopic cranes, mini-excavators, and trucks.

The company received new certifications such as the Qualibat RGE certificate that is awarded to construction companies that enforce rigorous environmental protection standards and the EPARCO certificate for proper water handling. Meanwhile, the company also drafted an internal environmental charter to promote clean and environmentally friendly worksites.

In terms of professional development, Groupe Piersanti continued to focus on training. Employees share the company’s commitment to quality service and construction and embarked on advanced training programs in such areas as crane operation, scaffolding, and first aid. An apprentice program is also put in place to allow young craftspeople to receive advanced training on a qualified team and acquire the diplomas they require for a successful future. This policy of devoting time and money to professional development guarantees company personnel are at the cutting edge of their profession while also instilling greater loyalty among employees who appreciate the company’s investment in their careers.

After fifty years in business, the company has an unwavering sense of its mission and a dedicated team of employees, some of whom have been with Groupe Piersanti for more than thirty-five years. Under Fabien Piersanti’s guidance, the company has continued to focus on quality while listening to its clients’ needs, adopting new technologies, and embracing groundbreaking innovations. As a result, PIERsoBAT is now a respected leader in the regional construction industry and has built more than 500 apartment houses and 200 villas, often in collaboration with renowned architects.

Explore a selection of buildings and villas constructed by the Groupe Piersanti over the past fifty years and see how they embody the company’s commitment to quality and innovation as it prepares for a third generation of family leadership!