“In the beginning, our family company was focused on construction but I chose to broaden our scope of activity to unite the essential elements of the real estate sector — development, construction, and sales — so our clients could enjoy complete service and long-term support.
From the very first day, our company’s mission has been to provide quality work that meets the highest technical and aesthetic standards while offering our clients service that is tailored to their specific needs. This philosophy is embraced by the entire Groupe Piersanti team as well as its carefully selected network of associates.
Groupe Piersanti is your partner in forward-thinking. The world is going through a profound transformation: a digital revolution, an increasing globalization of the economy, and a rapid trend toward urbanization. In this changing context, our companies are adapting and innovating to meet your building and property needs for today and for the future.”


About the Company

Founded in 1966, the Groupe Piersanti is specialized in high-quality construction and real estate development. The company has been family run since the beginning and each generation has brought the same passion and dedication to the building industry.

The company is based in Bormes-les-Mimosas and has strong ties to both its local community and the broader Provence region. It provides the construction expertise and the regional insight you require to both design your future residence and to ensure that every step of the building project is handled in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Today, Piersanti and its three subsidiaries — PIERsoBAT, PIERsoGEST, and PIERsoHOME — are among the most respected builders in the region and have completed more than 500 residential buildings and 200 villas.

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Sustainable Development

Dedicated to Quality and the Environment

We focus on high-quality construction projects that are in harmony with nature and respect the environment. Our buildings feature energy efficient technology and vibrant green spaces to provide the greatest possible quality of life for our clients.

Our commitment to energy efficient buildings provides our clients with comfortable living spaces and low utility charges while also ensuring that our company respects the environment and helps safeguard the future of the planet.

We engage in a rigorous energy analysis that considers a vast array of factors, such as the highest-performance insulation options (including exterior insulation), the best ways to decrease energy consumption for heating and lighting, how to keep spaces cool in the summer without air conditioning, the maximization of natural lighting, the use of renewable energy for water heating, the generation of electricity through solar panels, and how green spaces can improve the quality of the local environment…

The Ile Verte residence is our most recent residential development that is designed in this spirit.

This raised apartment building is set amid an idyllic seaside landscape and has been engineered to provide the highest possible quality of life. This allows residents to enjoy living in a natural space that is close to the beach and the amenities of the town of Le Lavandou.

The company’s overriding goal is to create fabulous living experiences in harmony with the environment that:

  • Provide comfort and a great quality of life.
  • Respect and preserve the environment.
  • Embrace cutting-edge energy savings technology.
  • Combine unparalleled natural surroundings with convenient access to urban amenities.
  • Offer vibrant communal spaces.
  • Encourage environmentally friendly behavior.

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Our Commitments

  •  Complete One-Stop Service:
    • – No need to deal with multiple companies as we handle every aspect of your villa or apartment from its design to its construction.
    • – Any work done by our partners is managed by our company and is our full responsibility.
  • A Fair Contract:
    • – As per the French law of December 19, 1990, after sending us the signed contract by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, you have ten days to reconsider your decision with no penalties.
    • – Our contracts are straightforward and clearly outline the precise cost and details of the work to be done.
  • Guarantees to Protect You:
    • – A full refund of any deposits in the case that certain pre-established conditions aren’t met: (building permit denied, bank loan refused…).
    • – A total completion guarantee so that if construction is not completed per the contract or problems occur in the first year that aren’t related to normal use, Piersanti Construction will cover the full cost of any additional or required work.
    • – A two-year proper operation guarantee that covers any problems with elements of the house that are integral to its construction (shutters, plumbing, convectors…). Learn more about the pertinent legislation (in French).
    • – A ten-year structural guarantee that means any structural defects that might appear in the first decade are the responsibility of Piersanti Construction. Learn more about the pertinent legislation (in French).
    • – The mandatory structural damage insurance is included in the price. The insurance policy is acquired prior to the start of construction and provides ten years of protection, covering:


  • Qualibat RGE Certificate
    The “Qualibat Reconnu Garant de l’Environnement” certification was put in place by the French state to recognize companies that adopted energy efficient construction policies and used renewable energy sources in their buildings. This certificate is a true reflection of Groupe Piersanti’s philosophy because improving energy efficiency is essential for protecting the environment and reducing energy spending.
  • Environmental Charter
    Piersanti Construction created its own internal environmental charter that commits the company to eco-friendly climate control measures and to constructing buildings that receive the highest possible environmental ratings in France.
  • EPARCO Certification
    The company holds proper training certification to install environmentally friendly autonomous water treatment facilities for private homes and residences that recycle water for irrigating green spaces.
  • Clean Worksite Charter
    We are committed to implementing the highest possible safety and security measures at our worksites while respecting the environment and the neighborhood. This includes an optimization of waste management, a reduction in pollution, and a limiting of risks for both workers and residents of the neighborhood.
  • Member of the LCA-FFB
    The LCA-FFB (Les Constructeurs et Aménageurs de la Fédération Française du Bâtiment) is the top professional organization for builders in France and includes all members of the construction industry association Fédération Française du Bâtiment (FFB). The group is dedicated to keeping up with the latest technical, environmental, and legislative developments in construction and real estate. The organization helps ensure that the French construction and real estate industry remains a world leader.