Real Estate Development: PIERsoGEST

Because the place where you live is an expression of your lifestyle, we work with the most talented architects and designers to create your dream home.

Our collaborators have been rigorously screened to ensure we work with the most creative professionals and we can develop top quality real estate projects.

We monitor every stage of the construction process and coordinate the diverse technical and administrative demands to ensure your dream apartment is delivered on time and surpasses your expectations.

Thanks to fifty years of experience, our company and our partners offer you personalized solutions that are adapted to your needs. Our team will be at your side to discuss your plans and guide you in your choices.

We are deeply committed to quality: the quality of the location, the quality of the architecture, the quality of the design of the communal and private spaces, the quality of the service, and the quality of both the major construction work and the minor finishing touches. And our company does everything in the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient manner possible. PIERsoGEST puts its complete savoir-faire at your service to design your dream home.

Looking to sell land?

If you own either unbuilt or built land and you wish to sell, you can put your complete faith in PIERsoGEST.

PIERsoGEST is seeking land in the Le Lavandou area to build new apartment residences and villas. By working with us, you are guaranteed a successful sale.

Contact PIERsoGEST and receive a personalized land assessment and receive all the information you need in order to sell your land.

A Fair Contract:

Our contracts are straightforward and clearly outline the precise cost and details of the work to be done.

Guarantees to Protect You:

A full refund of any deposits in the case that certain pre-established conditions aren’t met (building permit denied, bank loan refused…).

A total completion guarantee so that if construction is not completed per the contract or problems occur in the first year that aren’t related to normal use, Piersanti Construction will cover the full cost of any additional or required work.

A two-year proper operation guarantee that covers any problems with elements of the house that are integral to its construction (shutters, plumbing, convectors…).

A one-year guarantee on the soundproofing.

A ten-year structural guarantee that means any structural defects that might appear in the first decade are the responsibility of Piersanti Construction.

The mandatory structural damage insurance is included in the price. The insurance policy is acquired prior to the start of construction and provides ten years of protection, covering:

  • Any necessary repairs to the core elements of the home,
  • Any construction defects covered by the ten-year guarantee with repairs made immediately and independent of any faultfinding inquiry.

The official French GFA guarantee (Garantie Financière d’Achèvement) fulfills the requirements of Article L2GI-I of French law and follows the official building and real estate codes to provide the buyer with the assurance that the financing will be available to finish construction even in the event of bankruptcy by the real estate promoter.

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