Construction: PIERsoBAT

Your construction project deserves the most complete technical expertise and a total devotion to detail.

With a dedicated team of fifty highly skilled employees and craftspeople, PIERsoBAT possesses a mastery of both traditional building techniques and the use of cutting-edge construction materials.

Our craftspeople receive the latest training and have years of experience working together to meet the rigorous standards of our site managers and supervisors.

Our designers make sure your project fulfills all your needs while respecting the budget, adapting the plans to the specific parcel of land, and accommodating the use of any specially requested materials.

PIERsoBAT has also formed privileged partnerships with a network of skilled artisans to guarantee the company has access to a diverse array of talents and can meet any building challenge.

All of the company’s employees and partners share the same thirst for excellence and are fully committed to providing quality work that meets the very highest technical and aesthetic standards.

Thanks to our devoted team, no aspect of your project is left to chance.

Your site will be managed with painstaking care and there will be a total attention to detail at every step of the project.

Guarantees to Protect You:

The company has Qualibat certification, a French designation that officially confirms our technical and professional capacities, our quality control systems, our financial standing, and our team’s expertise in dealing with clients, suppliers, and banks. This designation also attests to our compliance with all current building codes and construction regulations.

Civil liability insurance and the 10-year structural guarantee protect against any defects that appear within the first 10 years after the delivery date of the property (the official end of construction). For this 10-year period, any defects that affect the structure of the building or make it unfit for intended use will be repaired at no cost.

Piersanti Construction has signed QHSE (quality, hygiene safety, and environment) agreements to ensure its work is safe and respects the environment, notably for all work done inside the Domaine du Cap Bénat.

Every year, company employees receive training in the use of heavy equipment and cranes (French CACES certification) as well as overall safety training (use of scaffolding, health-and-safety training, first aid courses). These training programs are put in place with the help of the OPPBTP, the French construction safety organization, in order to establish long-term safety practices that reduce the risks of accidents. Every construction site receives a weekly safety inspection.

During the construction of your new villa or apartment, the official approval of the final work will be done prior to the delivery date. Either the builder or the project manager will invite you to the construction site and in the presence of the various artisans you will be able to confirm that the final work completely fulfills the contract. Piersanti Construction is committed to respecting the delivery date and the completion guarantee.

The French RGE certification ensures that the company has the valid expertise linked to all the different work to be done during construction. This certification is testimony to our expertise in the vital technical aspects of the construction industry as well as our ability to meet the strict building codes and regulations notably in the domain of energy savings. This non-compulsory national certification means our company meets the required conditions so that you can benefit from special programs for environmentally friendly construction or renovations (zero percent loans, tax rebates for sustainable development…).